How too – Big loose curls 


Its what makes us , it’s a way of expressing ourselves ,and I love big hair.

I wear hair extensions by Sally’s 18in too be exact. Its real human hair and I’ve always loved them and the price of 59.99$ is not bad at all .

If you already have long hair ,consider yourself lucky ! 

I usually start with my own hair and curl it first with the conair curling wand 15$ @target before applying my extensions (it makes things much easier and faster) I then curl the extensions when I glue them in . 

After curling them I take a comb and gently comb through each curl , and then run my fingers through the curls seperating them . 

It gives me big loose curls .

Its a quick ,cute look. 

Xoxo 💋


2 thoughts on “How too – Big loose curls 

  1. Your hair is gorgeous! What curlers do you have? I’m so tempted to get those sleep in rollers I’ve seen all over the internet to achieve a softly curled look for work… I’ve got naturally curly hair but it’s very hair to make it presentable!
    Great post :3 xx

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