Jennylee facial mask-first impression 

 Jenny Lee has been making many faces feel refreshed , especially for sensitive skin. I for one have very sensitive skin , anything I put on it immidietely either irritates my face or clogs my pores instantly. Jenny Lee started making these products for her children whom were allergic to many products we buy at everyday drug stores. She is now a beauty therapist,and owns her own salon in London . 
Okay so my first impression is the smell, instantly it smells like a minty lotion , lets admit it we wouldn’t want to put something on our face that doesn’t smell good , and this mask smells AAAMAZING.  

The feel is very thick but not clumpy , which is nice and goes over my face smoothly . 

I love anything organic and handmade so this product pleased me in those ways and much more . 

Overall this product is great for sensitive , dry skin and reccomend it !
Or visit her on IG – @jennyleeproducts


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