Interview-lets talk MuddyBody face&hair products 

Hello ladies ! 

For a couple of months now I have been using Muddy body Clay facial mask  and I am absolutely loving the clear complexion and refreshed feeling its giving me . I wanted too know more about the company so I did a brief interview with them and heres what they had to say.   

Q-What started your company? 

A- We started our company because we wanted to bring awareness to the importance of using natural and oragnic products ,free of any preservatives and chemicals. We wanted to create a product we believe in and know exactly what ingredients were put into it,knowing that your skin absorbs everything that is put ontoo it in a matter of seconds ,we created a product we proudly stand behind. 

Q-What makes your company special?

A-The reason Muddy Body is different from the rest is that our face masks are  powder based. This means that we ensure freshness upon each use. Our users get the luxury of choosing the liquid they activate our masks with,as well as the texture. Our hair  mask is designedto take with you  on the go and stands out because it does not contain any preservatives just like our faca masks.

Q-How has the company evolved since you started? 

A- The company has evolved in great ways since we began because we are learning the common concerns of people  and what products they like and do not like. It is important to spread the word on healthy  and natural ways to treat your skin. 

Muddy body has created products that are versatile for any skin , young, old,oily,dry . There is a mask for everyone . Check out their website and or their instagram @Muddy_body 
Xoxo go get your skin&hair products now !  


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