Vegas Nay lashes review 

Hi loves! 

I have been using the Vegas nay lashes lately and I love their look ! I haven’t been a lash user for a long time (about 5 months) only because it took me the longest time to figure out how too apply lashes properly . 
Anyways The lashes I was on were the Ardell lashes and I absolutely love them and they are still one of my favorites but I recently heard of the instagram guru Vegas Nay and jumped on the band wagon too try her lash line sold at Ulta.

My first impression was that they were the perfect shape,look and overall beautiful lashes . When I proceeded to put them on I can say one thing , they are SUPER fragile . The lash band is very thin. This made it alittle bit more difficult for me because I have been using the Ardell’s which are a bit more thicker but the perfect width for me. If you havent been a lash user for a while and or are just starting I dont recommend these lashes because of the thinner band they are a bit more closer to the lash line (which is great) but a bit more difficult too blend in. All in all I love these lashes but will take me some getting used too so I will stick to what I know for now. 

Xoxo 💋


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