Night &Morning routine

We all know the importance of morning and nightime routines right? …..No?!

These two steps ,one in the morning and one at night are essential for our skin and even our makeup routines. A common benefit of cleansing is removing dirt,oil and other unwanted debris. Along with that is facial hydration , with a good moisturizer as well it keeps the skin looking fresh.

Noone wants old,aged,rough skin right? So here is my go too products for my twice a day skin rejuvenation.

First I take off my makeup with makeup cleansing wipes containing cucumber extract I bought these in my local forever 21& they do the trick.

Next I scrub my face with Biorè pore unclogging scrub .I bought this at cvs for about $6 and I love it, I have also used their blackhead strips andhighly  recommend them!

After I clean my face off , you said it . I then put my moisturizer . I use bareminerals pure nourishing moisturizer -$29  .  I also throw in a couple of extra things in my routine , I use the triple action ēsika wrinkle cream  from avon for 6$

I use this lash treatment by L’bel  too grow my lashes . It has two ends , one with a brush and one with a small applicator for you to put it on your lash line and the brush for you too brush on like mascara . I got this also on Avon for $7.99

I also wanted too share my DSC dead sea hand & body lotion because I absolutely love it ! My boyfriend bought it as a package for 100$ at the mall and I can honestly say I love this stuff . It is so smooth on my skin especially because Being a nurse I use my hands ALOT and perfect for winter dried up skin.

And last but not least

A facial mask ! Who doesn’t love these ? You can buy these at your local walmart for just a $1!   I decided too get this one called charcoal&black sugar polishing mask

Xoxo Night beauty’s !  Feel free too play around and find what works best for you and your skin .


4 thoughts on “Night &Morning routine

  1. Haha i LOVE those one-time use facial masks, they are so cheap and usually their main ingedients are amazing for your skin! I like the ones with aloe vera gel in them, so cool and refreshing! 💙💎 and the charcoal masks have to be my hands down, favorite face product ever. Serious results! Great post & reccomendations for everyone 😘

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