Quick About me ! 

Hey beauty’s! 

I wanted too tell you alittle bit about me ! 

My favorite color is…. You guessed it BLACK▪️

Anytime im shopping I gravitate towards black and im known for the all black attire.
I have a 4 year old son !

His name is Kayden and he’s the most adventurous loving four year old i’ve ever met.

Im obsessed with fashion&makeup 

I went through alot of different styles trying to find what I liked best and I now know what fits my body and looks good . I go on a small makeup haul every tuesday 🙈. Michael kors is also one of my favorite designers.
Im a Nurses Assistant !

I work 16 hour days and I love my residents ! Mainly because I love making people smile. Also , weekends are my fave because I can finally get out of my scrubs ! 
Im a super happy, adventurous, blunt person  

And …. I totally wear extensions . 

Xoxo !


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