My Daily Makeup Hacks


I’m constantly looking for ways too make my makeup routine easier or doing little fixes too enhance my face the way I want to look. Here are my top beauty/makeup hacks that I use on my daily makeup routine.


Contouring and Highlighting

Let’s start with highlighting and contouring . Ladies this has been the perfect way to get your face the structure you want without surgery , I use ulta highlighting and contouring kit $18. To contour I do my cheekbones (because who doesn’t want strong cheekbones ?) , under my jaw ,the sides of my nose and above my forehead. Too highlight I do the tip of my nose all the way up into the middle of my forehead shaped like an upside down triangle and under my eyes above my cheekbones. too blend it I use the blending sponge and then I brush it out with matte powder (will do a post later this week on my exact routine with highlighting and contouring )


How to get bigger looking lips

I naturally have small lips,and I cant stand it, I will be getting lip injections soon but for now I have solved the issue. I use foundation and powder (during my process of applying foundation ,last thing I use is the powder )  to go all over my lip lines too cover them as much as possible , and then I use lip liner to go alittle above my natural line ( do not exaggerate) I used pallado in raisin ,and Nyx matte lipstick in siren.


Cutip , powder and tweezers to separate lashes

I hate clumpy messy lashes , so too separate them I use baby powder with a cutip , spread it over my lashes and then use tweezers too separate and vualahh. I used Rimell London butterfly mascara. (yes those are my natural eyelashes )


Hairspray for my eyebrows

my eyebrow hair never stays in place even with brow gel ,so I use hairspray ( yes !hairspray ! ) makes sense anyways .right?


Duct tape

Im just getting the hang of doing my eyeshadow so I found this neat trick on pinterest and I can honestly say it’s made applying eyeshadow much easier . Revolution iconic 3 palette



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