Importance of Colour Correcting

Tiana Gomes -Client

I never new how important color correcting really was, I obviously knew I didn’t want my neck and face to be two completely different colors because ALOT of girls unfortunately do this. So recently when I was buying my new foundation (Bareminerals Bareskin) I was color corrected by an expert and it gave me a whole new outlook on my makeup game.


On her far right I used L’Oreal True match Lumi classic beige, which looked pretty promising. In the middle I used Almay beige in 500 which was way too light and brought out the pink in her face. Last but not least we used Maybelline liquid mousse airbrush medium beige which was also too light. As you can see the True match was the pick.


I used a foundation sponge too spread it around her face, and it blended in perfectly. Your neck and your face should look the same color ,and too blend it in more you should always put foundation all the way down too your neck as well.


  1. Do not apply too much ( you don’t want it too look too cakey) gently buff away flakes with a clean damp washcloth if you have too.
  2. Brush or sponge your foundation downwards . (you naturally have hair all over your face ,so always stroke downwards ,so the hairs go down and your foundation looks smoother)
  3. Do not apply with your fingers (applying with your fingers will only give you blotchy ,streaky results) I suggest the Perfecting face brush by bareminerals
  4. Blend down your neck ( your neck tends too be a lighter color then your face so blend down too get better results)


xoxo until next time beauty’s!


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