Bareminerals Bareskin foundation review


Im guilty, with being a mom, paying bills, AND loving makeup, I always try to stay away from pricey makeup . I know quality verses quantity and I believe in spending more on certain items like foundation,bbcream ect. Anyways back to my point , I have spent well over 400$ trying to find the perfect foundation always trying the “new” ones ,mouse,liquid,matte you name it I bought it ( I know I know mind of as well bought myself 7 bottles of tarte foundation. But for those of you who didn’t commit this huge mistake the way I did I present to you the Bareminerals Bareskin foundation.

I have never tried bareminerals but a friend of mine has really seemed too like their products and from  the looks of it their products aren’t costy. First I suggest you get color corrected with swatches (mines was a 10) and then DO NOT I repeat DO NOT leave the store without the perfecting face brush. I have seen a huge difference from using the brush rather then my fingers. I am absolutely inlove with this foundation,it feels so light on my skin and even my boyfriend complimented me that I looked like I had no makeup on and my skin looked flawless,and that’s exactly how I feel everytime I brush this baby on.

Right now (online only) if you spend 50$ on you can get a 5pc gift by bareminerals which includes original Prime Time foundation primer, small tinted Mineral Veil, Small blush in Laughter,and Mini Marvelous moxie lip gloss in dare devil. offer valid 9/27/15-10/24/15

Bareskin Foundation-29$

Perfecting Face Brush-28$


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