Beauty interviews -What’s your makeup routine?#1

So I always wonder if anyone takes as long as I do to do my makeup. It’s like art to me,and I have tons of fun doing it ,so I asked a beautiful girl  to share her everyday makeup routine,products and some questions about her makeup as well as my advice .

Tiana -she is a 22 year old mom who says loves makeup but only on occasion because she feels beautiful and confident without it .

Lash domination-bareminerals ,butterfly revlon lashes,

I asked her a couple questions about her makeup and here’s what she had too say .

Do you wear anything before applying makeup ? No . Ladies it’s always a good idea too cleanse your face before applying and moisturize your face.

What product have you always wanted to try ? Tyra’s makeup line. I completely suggest going on Tyra’s makeup website she has cool neat products and you can also work for her ! Yes I said it you can work for Tyra Banks !

Do you ever change your makeup routine?No because I mostly just wear eyeliner and mascara. Ladies there’s nothing wrong with going out of your comfort zone!

What’s your view on makeup? I like it but mainly for special occasions. Nothing wrong with that ,you rock that beautiful natural look !


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