Beauty interview #2

As my previous post I wanted too share other woman’s everyday makeup routines and I found another young lady who shared her makeup and answers.

Iresnie ,she is a 23 year old mom working in the medical field who loves makeup but is still figuring out what looks best on her skin.

Products :NYX contour and highlighting kit,NYX lip liner in truffle ,Tarte foundation,and maybelline master concealer

  1. What are your favorite brands and products too use ? Maybelline BB cream 8 in 1. BB cream is definitely a must ! 

2. Is your skin oily or dry and what do you use for it ? Skin is dry especially around winter ,BB and CC cream will be her go too this season. Ladies moisturizer also helps ! My favorite is Clinique.

3.What is your favorite part of your everyday routine? Highlighting .She says adding glow too her face gives her that extra touch. Strobe on ! 

4.Do you ever add anything too your routine and if so what ? Bold lips. She adds that she’s obsessed with burgundy’s and matte browns,her go too is truffle spl855 


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