Review on Conair Ringlight

Like I said in previous posts , I love trying new things any chance I get . So recently I was obsessing on ring lights and this one by conair was on sale so I figured I’d give it a shot . Well…. I was sort of disappointed ,although I love the lighting it gives its super tiny ! Which I didn’t think by the box that it would be this small because unfortunately I don’t have a miniature face . I did though figure out how to deal with it by setting it on the box and using it that way even though it was still quite annoying.

I do love the brightness but it sucks batteries like you wouldn’t believe ! I bought a brand new pack of batteries from Walgreens and within two days (yes ! Two days!) the led light ring went out ,which is super frustrating. I’ll have too buy another one and spend some more money & hopefully love it.


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