My top favorite products that don’t cost a fortune

Let’s face it , we all love makeup but with a full time job,a child ,and bills to pay AND loving makeup ,it can get pretty darn expensive. I have gone through the MAC,urbandecay aisles and I disappoint myself because I’m constantly debating wether too commit a wallet crisis. Well not to fear I have found products that don’t hurt my wallet but yet make me super happy.

  Although I do agree that certain products like foundation and bb  creams need that extra money if you want good quality. Here are my top favorite products that I love and why.

  1. Baremineral bare skin foundation-30$ I was recently on a hunt for a good affordable foundation after spending maybe 300$ on different kinds through out years. Until I went into a  bare mineral store and they color corrected me,and I instantly fell in love with not only the invisibility of not looking like I had pounds of makeup on but also the nice soft feel on my face it had. 
  2. Bareminerals perfecting face brush-29$ I have never spent this much money on a brush but I always bought brushes for foundations and they always left messy brush streams on my face and I can tell you that I am obsessed with this brush ! 
  3. Ulta highlighting&contouring kit-18$ I’ve always wanted an actual highlighting and contouring kit but it’s nearly impossible to find one under 30$ so I found this one and I love it !Such a nice shimmer it gives.
  4. L’oreal BB cream-10$I swear by this stuff ,and I love this on because it has 4 beautifying actions in 1 container (primes,corrects,hydrates,and perfects)
  5. Ardell lashes-3.50$@ulta I’m obsessed with these lashes not only do they look natural but I love spaced out long lashes (like Kylie jenners) & these for the price look like the ones she uses. 
  6. NYX lasting spray 7.99$@ulta I just recently bought this and I can feel the stick it has when I apply it ,my makeup lasts so much longer with it on.
  7. NYX lipliner in brown -1.99$ after wanting to perfect my Kylie Jenner brown lips ,I did just that with this lipliner all over my lips.
  8. NYX matte cream lipstick in London 2.99$@ulta- this is my favorite quick run out the door ,give my lips some color lipstick.  

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