My neccesities 

When it comes too makeup , I’m a junkie ! I love trying new products , and I always have a bag of my daily everyday makeup and my weekend go out bag of makeup . Here are my top five things I can’t leave the house without !

  1. BB cream- I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I swear by this stuff , if I don’t feel like doing my full everyday makeup routine I grab my bb cream &out the door I go. 
  2. Moisturizer- I used too never worry about this , but after using Clinique moisturizer I have made this part of my routine. I can see the drastic change in my face in just a week !
  3. Lip tint/lipstick- no one wants washed out,pale lips,and mine are already barely noticeable so even if I don’t wear lipstick lip tint is definitely a must (I use lip tint stick by elf) 
  4. Mascara-need I say more? Who leaves the house without mascara?!
  5. Highlighter- I always need that extra little something too give me a lift and the maybelline liquid highlighter and concealer does just that ! Quick dab and your ready too go ! 

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