My favorite ultimate makeup tricks

  I’m always looking for the next fast ,easy tips too add ontoo my daily makeup routine. I like changing it up once in awhile and trying something new. Here are the top makeup tricks that changed my everyday makeup routine.

  1. Brushes- using professional brushes has changed my way of doing my makeup. I have noticed a significant difference when I use brushes too apply my makeup. (Tip: I love the foundation application brush by bare minerals)
  2. Heating mascara- i love mascara ,and I go through it like crazy. I spend endless amount of money on it but I found a solution for making my mascara a tad bit longer ! Run the mascara brush under hot water until water is clear and stick back in too the container &your mascara will liquefy again
  3. BB cream- I absolutely love BB cream,I swear by it.  I don’t wear makeup to work so having BB cream gives me that nice touch. (Tip: apply it before foundation if your doing full makeup) 
  4. Moisturizer-I never moistured my face (like ever) until I was told by a beauty expert too always moisturizer before application and after . I finally gave in and boy I can’t tell you the difference on my face ! It’s definitely a must for me now . (Try clinique moisturizer)
  5. Larger Lips- I’ve always had small lips and lately I’ve really had an issue with them ,but I found out a new trick too make them appear larger. Put foundation on like usual and dab some on your lips (especially the outline of them) then use lip liner ,go a little above your normal outline.
  6. Make any lipstick matte- I am obsessed with lipstick ,and I have tons ! But after trying matte lipsticks I fell in love with them and hated not wanting to use my regular lipsticks so I figured out a trick. Before lipstick applying put powder over your lips ,add lipstick ,dab alittle but more powder ontoo &wallah! Matte lipstick.



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