My favorite color : Black

Any time someone asks me what my favorite color is I always reply …Black. They give me this weird look as if I’m crazy and instantly reply “black isn’t a color” 

Well even if it’s not I prefer it over any other color too wear. I think black is a very elegant shade , I wear it almost every day and I always gravitate towards it when I’m out shopping. No I’m not gothic but I love wearing all black at times for example I usually wear a black spaghetti strap shirt and a black blazer over it with my favorite ripped up black jeans and my black laced up combat boots . What? You can’t see me ? I then add gold accessories (gold is my next favorite color) I add my Michael Kors watch,with the bracelet,and then I add a small gold choker on my neck&wallah you can definitely see me. Black is my favorite color .


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