Makeup dos and dont’s 

  When it comes too makeup we all want that “certain ” look . We find a lot of advice online, beauty magazines, and even from our friends .Although good intentions, some of the advices can be confusing, out of our comfort zone and what may look good on someone else won’t necessarily look good on you.

Makeup DON’TS :

  • DON’T over use mascara ,too much mascara can look messy and clumpy.
  • DON’T use concealer that is way too light , always use one that is one shade lighter not three 
  • DON’T wear full makeup everyday. Give your skin a rest ,it’s not necessary for full makeup every day .
  • DON’T over draw your eyebrows , eyebrows that are too arched ,penciled in look unnatural and distracts people away from the rest of your face 
  • DON’T use too much moisturizer. Too much will drive your concealer and foundation too show those fine lines your trying to hide
  • Tips&tricks 30 pro makeup tips you’ve never heard before

Makeup DO’s:

DO put moisturizer every day ,twice a day : before makeup and after makeup

DO match your foundation too your neckline (you can also get color corrected at your local bare minerals,MAC store )

DO invest in makeup brushes , it makes application much easier , and less dirty then using your fingertips

DO get out of your comfort zone , wear a bold red lip , wing that eyeliner. Try something different and find out what looks best on you .


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